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Title: Into a Raging Sea: My Life and the Pendleton Rescue
Author: Bernie Webber, real-life hero of the book
and movie The Finest Hours
Introduction by: Michael Tougias, co-author of the book
and movie The Finest Hours

Format: Trade paper, 6”x9”, 192 pages.
53 Photos and illustrations.
ISBN: 978-0991340156
Publisher: On Cape Publications

Most people familiar with the name Bernie Webber associate him with the miraculous rescue of 32 men off of the stern of the Pendleton, made famous in the book and movie The Finest Hours.

Rescuing 32 sailors from a sinking ship caught in a ferocious winter storm is a dramatic tale, but what made this mission so special is that the boat Bernie skippered that terrible night was a mere 36 feet in length and the waves were almost twice that size! Bernie and crew received the Coast Guard’s coveted Gold Lifesaving Medal, and what they did on that stormy night is regarded as the greatest small boat rescue in history.

In Into A Raging Sea, Bernie tells that story, but the book is so much more than that. In these pages you’ll read about rescue attempts that did not turn out well, stories of fishermen from a time long past, rescues done with the by-gone technique of the “breeches buoy,” humorous anecdotes, and what Cape Cod and its people meant to Bernie.

Into a Raging Sea is a story of sacrifice, bravery, disappointment, and challenges. And in the background of Bernie’s journey is one constant, the sea.

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